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Tony O’Brien - Piano teacher, performer and accompanist

If you are a piano teacher, have your own website  and live locally to me, why not email me your web address so we can set up mutual links.

If you would like help building your own web site, I could build, or show you how to build,  a website like this one.  I typically charge around £100 for this service, exclusive of ISP hosting costs, domain name registration etc.

I also have a private website for all my teaching resources and individual websites for each of my students to collate video recordings made during their lessons. Again I can show you how to use the tools I’ve used to construct and organise these websites. The cost of this service is subject to your particular requirements, but I would reckon on a cost in my time of  between £100 and £150 to emulate the set of sites I use in my teaching practice.

Please contact me if you are interested in  taking advantage of this service.