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Associated board 2009/2010

Grade 1

Autumn (A3)

Gavot (A1)

Kummer (B2)

Dragonflies (B)

Never vex a T. Rex


African Dance (C3)





Grade 3

Mozart Andante (A3)

Top Cat (C3)

Petit Berger (B3)

Minuet in G (A1)

Elephant (B2)

Grade 4







Grade 5

In the Groove

Haydn Vivace (A1)




Grade 6






Grade 7


Scarlatti - Sonata in F (A3)

Lowside Blues (MacGregor)



Grade 8

Finale C minor Sonata (Beethoven)

Sonatina in D minor( Cimarosa)


Intermezzo #1

Op 119