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Grade 1

Menuet in F (A1)

Andante (Haydn) A2

Gavotta (Hook) A3

Tarantella (Hall) B1

A tender flower (Swinstead) B3

Camptown Races (Foster) C1

A story from long ago (Mier) B2

Late at Night (Macardle) C2

Vampire blues (Wooding) C3

Grade 2

Gavotte (Daquin) A1

Military Minuet (Haydn) A2

Bourree (Krieger) A3

Mazurka (Berkovich) B1

The Sandman (Brahhms) B2

Trio (Schubert) B3

Bah-ba-doo bah (Kember) C1

Cat being bold at first (Salter) C2

Down by the Riverside C3

Grade 3

Prelude in C (Bach) A1

English Dance (Dittersdorf) A2

Air Cosque (Kozeluch) A3

Sad Song (Grechaninov) B1

Kleiner Walzer (Korganov) B2

Wilder Reiter (Schumann) B3

Tastenritt (Diendorfer) C1

Stroll On (Haughton) C2

Both Sides Now (Mitchell) C3

Grade 4

Allegro in F A1

Scherzo (JCE Bach) A2

Minuet in G (Beethoven) A3

Alone at Sunset (Carroll) B1

Waltz (Kabalevsky) B2

Chez le Forgeron (Malkapar) B3

Soldiers in the Distance C1

Carnival in Rio (Gillock) C2

Blues (Hengeveld) C3

Grade  5

Air (Bach) A1

Andante (Fiocco)


Menuet & Trio (Haydn) A3

Miniature (Gedicke) B1

Elegy (Zililnskis)


Andantino (Liszt)


Flood-time (Thiman) C1

It ain’t necessarily so (Gershwin) C2

Joyous March (Bloch) C3

Grade  6

Elegie (Chaminade) B1

Allegro Moderato  (Grieg) B2

Mignon (Nielsen) B3

Soiree Polka (Foster) C1

Pastoral (Rodrigues) C2

Clouds (Takemiitsu) C3

Grade 7

Schweidishcer Tanz (Bruch) B1

Prelude in Db (Scriabin) B2

Conchita reve (Turina) B3

Presto (Kabalevsky) C1

Harelquin (Martinu) C2

Black Coffee  C3

Grade 8

Rondo, Sonata in C minor, “Pathetique” (Beethoven) B1

Prelude (Prokoviev) C5

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