Terms and Conditions


Lessons will be given on a term by term basis, following the local state school term dates.


It is expected the student will attend all scheduled lessons within the term.


However it is recognised that school or family events, or illness, may prevent a student attending a scheduled lesson.In that case, the teacher may reschedule the lesson if mutually convenient, or cancel it.


A student may cancel up to two lessons per term without incurring charges.Thereafter, a full lesson fee will be charged for any further lessons cancelled that term, regardless of the cause and notice of cancellation.


Where the teacher cannot give a scheduled lesson and it cannot be rescheduled by mutual agreement, the lesson will be cancelled without charge.Any fees paid in advance for the lesson will be returned or used as credit against future unpaid lessons.


The student will purchase their own music books as advised by the teacher.Any materials given out freely by the teacher will be subject to a nominal charge, if they need to be replaced due to loss or damage by the student. This charge will cover the cost of any materials used and the teacherís time in replacing the materials.


Lessons fees can be paid in advance for a term or half-term course of lessons, or can be paid for each lesson.†† There is no facility for payment in arrears or extending credit.


In the event that students wish to cease lessons, a full half termís notice must be given to the teacher, or else payment of a half termís fees will be charged in lieu of notice.



I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions for my (or my childís) piano lessons









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I agree to teach the above name student subject to the Terms and Conditions above.



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